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Solvay Animations

3D Animations


We have been working for SOLVAY on a project, part of which was aimed at the creation of several 3D animations, intended to be used for a show presentation of Solvay products. The initial concept of the company for the videos was to make them suitable not only for projection screens, but also for transparent screens, so we had to design the videos in positive and negative formats in order to make all the special effects visible on a screen that pretty much looks like a glass window.

The video making process included creation of the desired 3D models, applying suitable settings of an x-ray material, animating the models, exporting masks for each of the highlighted objects and elements and then adding the special effects to bring the animations to completion.

Each of the videos highlights different parts of the 3D models. Using different techniques to export the models and the animations as well as using motion tracking software, we were able to create unique special effects animations. The videos were first designed for vertical and then adapted for horizontal use.

At the end of this project for SOLVAY, we had spent a few hundred man-hours, working day and night, and we managed to design a few very prominent and great looking 3D animation for our client.